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Temporary Roofing

Don't worry, we're here to help...

As we all know only too well the weather is unpredictable and it can cause disruption, especially when you have a building project on, planned or unplanned.  It causes damage to all kinds of structures, long standing ones, those that have just recently been completed, and those that are still in the process of being constructed.

Why should we supply your roofing solution?

Another obvious issue when your project is exposed to the elements is that delays are often inevitable. Those delays can end up causing major disruption to plans for the site and set everything back significantly.  Our temporary roofing systems are an effective solution for minimising these risks and keeping your project moving forward.

Fully equipped to defend against unfavourable conditions during construction, our professional staff are always ready to set up tough weather-resistant roofs to help protect your hard work and prevent damage to finishes and building materials. Temporary roofs also allow the work to go on despite conditions outside, keeping disruption to an absolute minimum. With Acorn Scaffolding Ltd you can hire a temporary roof for the short or long term, depending on the requirements of your project schedule.

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